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little blue jumping ball 100 objects to represent childhood
This little object use to puzzle me
because is so paradoxally spheric
and cubic in the same time.
And strangelly beautifull.
the yellow cup

The yellow coffee cup was very
misterious; every time we had
guests the coffee was a fortune
teller; some miraculous braun
storys use to unfold all around
the coffee cup walls and wise
premonitive pictures use to shape
themselves up, for the eyes of the
initiate to see.

the strange red fruit

The red fruit was sooo strange that
it didn't get eaten; that is because
I was so preocupated to study it
and to wonder about its shape and
fantastic colour, that one day it just
got old, it rinkeld and dissapeared.

the train
My little train use to whisle and
made chu-chu noise. Big fun, until
one day was pressed too hard...
trains are very special objects, still
fascinating. Big little gift.
little robin
The little ceramic robin was a very
tolkative companion when I was a
child; I use to let it on the window
during the winter months, so the real
birds would not forget to come again.

african globe
The african globe is pretty heavy
and it doesn't bounce; is made out
by ivory and ebony, or so I liked to
think; is extremely precious when
look at it closely; it make me day-
dream about the wild nature and the
red sand where elefants salute
from affar.
mommy's blue silk box
My mommy's blue silk box
was 1 object of desire; I didn't have
unlimited acces to it; it was handmade
by my mother when she was a teen-
ager and it has pictures of her all
around the interior walls and on the
top. I don't remember what she use to
keep on it, but I use it to preserve
small old pictures of my family, when
I finally decided to live abroad.
my car  
Betty Boop  
the horn  
the porcelain box  
the globe sharpener  
This images are published by
courtesy of Gallery KATHARSIS.
The rest of the paintings are not
available on this site. For more
information please contact
Mariella Brandusa
at Gallery KATHARSIS
copyright 2007 MARIELLA BRANDUSA  

100 objects to represent childhood
introduction by MARIELLA BRANDUSA

to represent childhood recreate some of the knowledge tools I had as a child, together with the wonders this things contained.

the vision is strictly the child view, thus the artistical language: the very solid apearance of the objects, the colours, the space of the paintings, the size, the inequal composition, the stability and the monumentality of each painting.
the objects are geometrically build respecting the byzantine perspective in accordance to the Efemeride experience I promote.

it is an important aim of this project of paintings NOT to create a symbol of some-thing, not even a symbol for some ideea.

this paintings are not illustrating any story.

I do dislike the use of symbols in the art of paintings. specially in this project the use of any symbol would be a fraude that would contradict the main feeling that inspired me: the marvell of the things I sense.

the title is the kind of name adults create as for holding to a serious concept. the real working name is much more unserious: 1000 toys I love to play life"

the project in it self is ment to be open to an infinity of other objects eventually to be painted because they represent part of childhood, and is the unsymbolical quality of this things that make this possible.